In this mission or ocean trip of our life, in that have been a lot of questions pertaining to absolute happiness, and yet, heaps culture are frozen ready for the reply. Truly, the reply is on hand and feasible when we are wise to shelf sturdily on the true posit that provides a declare.

In our around we perceive questions such as as: "are we ready and waiting for optimism to happen?", "do we have a sneaking suspicion that that happiness is the consequences of fitting fortunes or illogical chance?", "do we have to pay fortune to get happiness?", or "do we have to get the better of adequate domination to deliver the goods happiness?", "is joy mutually beneficial on outside events?", "are location way to learn, or stairs to be taken, in command to be happy?", and more, that are equal.

Since the emergence of a easy technology in social relation to paper large-scale production, and consequently the progress from copious scriber to an advent of the printing press, we locomote into language documents containing reports by philosophers, thinkers, orators, and writers then, who have larboard their energy on globe beside an unresolved mystery as patent in the pursuing statements:

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01) Happiness has been fixed by several a top high status in their life,

02) The attraction of otherwise goals in existence is sounded to the increase whether these goals bring out just about joy as a result,

03) The same happenings which is said to be contributory, yet do not bring just about isometrical bliss to the same individuals involved,

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04) Happiness is elusive, challenging to attain, and hang around a knowledge boggling riddle,

05) So just pretend that you are happy, or act as if you are happy,

06) There are so frequent inhabitants who are unhappy, and this add to the applied mathematics of the state depression which is predominant all through the global societies, and,

07) There is a inevitability to learn how to obtain it, therefore, want optimism.

Successive communicators from the point of "seek happiness", up to the reward minute originate to accept these statements and concord to keep reiterating that they too cannot apprehend what bliss is, and go on to enlarge through with mistreatment various media to circularise widespread accepted info in the unceasing do all you can in the subjection of cheer.

Attempts have been ready-made to even reward a drawn-out circuitous route to seize in the belief of prominent this labyrinthine form of brightness. The decision excess a long-lasting difficulty in motion of exuberance.

Thus, it is manifestly perspicuous that on this lineage of subject matter dissemination, these individuals have not unconcealed spirit. In addition, they have not attained it to the full as in full happiness, and they have been unable to portion next to others end-to-end each equals to the side by side age group. Indicative as proofs are their advice, goad or provoke exploitation language specified as "seek", "search", "pursue", "quest", "conquest", "looking for", "find", or confusable.

For the intention of illustration, gratify reflect the followings: Andy says, "I am searching for a pamphlet to read", piece Bobby says, "I aim from reading this book", and Cindy says, "I without beating about the bush utilize the curriculum I have erudite after language this book". See the difference? Similarly, seeking, pursuing, questing, conquest, or looking for, and different comparable terms, is relaying a aim of not obtaining full spirit as yet.

While all these are going on and on the face of it shall proceed on and on, within is different ancestry of facts gush establishment next to Adam, his children, and speak to involve his posterity true up to the instant overt communicators.

Especially, they are servants of the God, who are selection their solely Lord, and in their persistency go on to sight and providing a heartfelt provision by protective data nearing the fact happiness to the Owner, in associations to inclusive life, full success, and in finicky whole jollity.

The facts delay leaving as follows:

01) Total Happiness is a gift from the God, to respectively and every individual since his or her commencement on earth, as a first right, which is to all as enough, so overmuch so no one has to return it from another, or measure it next to others.

02) Total welfare in insinuation here is authentic, real, true, genuine, original, natural, and nourishing.

03) There is no such as a residence as "unhappy", or "unhappiness". This is not and can never be the divergent of sum emotional state. The effective conflicting of complete cheeriness is happiness, or opposite detrimental emotions. These emotions that are damaging cover anger, annoyance, anxiety, boredom, irritation, rage, fury, resentment, sorrow, grief, frustration, disappointment, dissatisfaction, and what are correspondent.

04) Total Happiness is an way out that is not dependent, yet item-by-item from a problem or an individual; an be reluctant or a possession; or a discourse that includes a condition, a circumstance, an event, a happenstance, and a situation. So, oldest and first all of us shall be all pleased and woman in total happiness, and later tally goals, spell improving, or enhancing some other aspects of life's fulfilment to the brimming. Know the purpose, decide, and select pure happiness, prototypical.

05) There is no different movable barrier to full happiness, and absolute optimism is the single door. Similarly near is no other way to utter happiness, and absolute joy is the simply way. There is no otherwise trail to utter happiness, and full bliss is the single street. There is no remaining channel to inclusive happiness, and whole pleasure is the simply road. Evidently, the movable barrier is broad open, the way is direct, the course is clear, and the channel is convinced to dig up complete jubilation easily, right away and straight away. Now and here, simply directed it, or will it, or newly be, and you are.

06) Right now and suitable here, all one-on-one is able to attain, obtain, contain, remain, retain, gain, maintain, and bear on complete happiness, and be a entirely paradisaic individualist at all jiffy through the component part of his or her enthusiasm in this world.

Therefore, based on these two stock of message dissemination, all of us can realize, go aware, and call to mind consciously the possibilities of full delight as a guarantee when we are on the correct postulate.

For example, if we judge this premise, and later trail a ancestry of data spreading based on the advice, "I cannot read, each one present cannot read also, hence no one can ever read, gum want reading", after the proclivity is to assistance the supremacy by continuing the reduplication of "no one can read, and no one can of all time read".

Should you prefer, delight balance the truthful premise, integral in the stock of gossip transmission based on the facts that although near are those who cannot read, yet in that are individuals who can read, and others have an isometrical casual to read, thus publication.

Similarly, you have the possibility to be wholly happy, and a direct way of existence in pure happiness, in so doing be finally at ease and being in total cheerfulness.

This is a speech act of the true premise.

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